Director of Special Services: 
Ms. Colleen M. Dalrymple ext.  235
Semi Coordinator
Secretary to the Director:
Sharon Padula ext. 238 
Supervisor of Special Services:
Mr. Eli Freund ext. 223 
Secretary of Special Services:
Sue Alexander ext. 239
Ms. Padula and Ms. Alexander are secretaries for Child Study Teams 1, 2 & 3 supporting SPHS, SPMS, Grant Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Kennedy Elementary, Riley Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary; Out of District Schools
Home Instruction Coordinator

Team List
Team 1:
Supports Preschool, Franklin, Kennedy and Roosevelt Elementary Schools
School Psychologist: Amanda Somers ext. 301,
Learning Consultant: Karyn Masterson ext. 593,
chool Social Worker: Jodi Christou ext. 329, 
School Social Worker (sub):  Zara Dejesus ext. 329,
School Social Worker (sub):  Lauren Jefferson ext. 329, 

 Team 2:
 Supports Grant, Middle School, and Out of District Schools
School Psychologist: Amy Gallagher ext. 241,
Learning Consultant: Michele Charney-Hulse ext. 328,
School Social Worker: Susan Pickoff ext. 395,

Team 3:
Supports Preschool, Riley Elementary, and High School
School Psychologist: Carol Wendel ext. 232,  
Learning Consultant: Diane Del Campo ext 233,
School Social Worker: Karen Milano ext. 283,  

District Speech Therapists
Speech Therapist Roosevelt Elementary: Chelsea Walsh,
Speech Therapist Roosevelt Elementary: Nancy Sturm, 
Speech Therapist Kennedy Elementary: Peggy Monagle, 
Speech Therapist Kennedy Elementary: Nancy Padovano,
Speech Therapist Riley Elementary:  Nancy Padovano,
Speech Therapist Riley Elementary:  Christina Adami, 
Speech Therapist Franklin Elementary: Christina Adami,
Speech Therapist Grant Elementary: Tracey Lawrence,
Speech Therapist Middle School: Gayle Butrico,
Speech Therapist High School: Gayle Butrico,
District Occupational and Physical Therapists
Occupational Therapy staff: Therapeutic Enthusiasm, Sharon Barnick, OTR
Physical Therapy staff:  LEBA, Tiffany Abdullah and Huei Lee